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Nature Monday

Yet another rainy Monday!  We had a big downpour this afternoon, complete with thunder and lightning.  I snapped some pictures because we had storm clouds to the north of us, and sunshine blue skies to the south.  It was strange, seeing the sunshine and hearing the thunder.

As nice as it is to see the sky like this, I still miss my trees.



As far as the garden goes, it’s holding on.  Lots of die-back I think, so I’ll have to do more dead-heading this week.  I’m trying to keep up with the watering.  No easy task considering we don’t have an outdoor faucet!  Thank goodness for watering cans!  It’s hard to believe there are only about 4-6 weeks left to the season, before the frosty weather starts killing things off.


My favorite pot this week is this one of snapdragons.  They’ve started a re-bloom after some serious dead-heading a couple weeks ago.  I’d say that’s a nice pay off to that bit of work.  Smile


And how is your garden growing this week?

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4 thoughts on “Nature Monday

  1. Still looks great, Love. And I’m sorry about the high heat/humidity lately. I guess it could be worse – we could live in CA where it’s slowly devolving into a desert. DWS said he could see grass growing on the bottom of Lake Shasta. High temps of 100F+. No rain. And back where he lives on the OR coast, high of 65, lush, green.

    I guess the Lord is making what He thinks of CA known. 😉 (J/K)


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