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Nature Monday

Yet another rainy Monday.  I swear, it’s beginning to be a regular feature around here!  The plants are loving it though, so that makes me happy.  At one point this afternoon, it was pouring down rain, AND sunshine, at the same time.  It was totally weird, but cool.  No rainbows though, which is a bummer, because I adore rainbows.  Have you seen my Pinterest page?  LOL

We’re still blooming strong, but things look a little tired, to me.  At the same time, there are some plants that are finding a second wind, so to speak.  I’ve tried to get some serious dead-heading done in the last couple weeks, too, and I think that’s helped them a lot. 


I couldn’t quite decide on a favorite pot this week.  I love this one of the Celosia, because that one in the middle there has a baby coming up.  I mean, c’mon, how cute is that?!  I see that, and I see a little plant waving at me, so I have to wave back.  Hi Baby Celosia!  Welcome! 


But then there’s this new addition to the family.  What with all the pansies that were in this pot getting stricken by some sort of bug, I picked up these mums and put them in the pansies’ place.  There was nothing in the soil, so I’m thinking it must have been a larval infestation, and despite all the other plants around, they only ate the pansies.  I figured Autumn’s coming, so these should give me a spot of color after the other summer annuals start their die-off. 


And then, daisies!  Look how many there are!  They just keep blooming! 


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How’s your garden growing this week?

6 thoughts on “Nature Monday

  1. One of the perks of being away from blogging is coming back to yours and seeing your garden in gorgeous bloom! As for my garden, I don’t have one BUT Dave brings me flowers regularly AND my sons and I are doing our own yard work for the first time in years (a friend used to do it.) You should see me wield a mighty blower 😀


    1. Aww, thank you Angie! 🙂

      A husband bringing flowers is a beautiful thing, and just the right amount of gardening for many. 😀

      Yard work, ugh! There are times I am REALLY thankful that the complex here takes care of most of that for us! Wielding a blower … well, sometimes it blows! LOL I used to do it long ago, along with the weed whacker, and the hedge trimmer, and the lawn mower – goodness! It makes you strong though, doesn’t it? 😀 You go, girl!

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