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Nature Monday

It’s been a rough week in the garden.  At least, it feels like that to me.  Feels like there’s been a kind of battle raging, and one of my pansy pots was collateral damage.  There is a hint of green, but all the leaves are gone and I don’t think the poor plants are going to be able to make a comeback.  Whatever it was that got them, got them good.  I’m pretty confident it was a worm of some kind, or larvae from a moth or something.  *sad sigh*  All my pansies are looking pretty peaked, except for the big pot of yellow ones I have front and center in the garden patch.  The weather has been fairly hot and dry, which is unusual for us this time of year.  Usually it’s pretty humid which is great for plants, but sucks for people.  We did get a ton of rain last night though.  Tornado sightings even!  Not by us, I mean, our family in particular didn’t see any funnel clouds, but there were some sighted within 5-10 miles of us, which is too close for comfort when it comes to tornadoes.  But more on that tomorrow.


I have had a couple of bright spots in the garden this week.  Namely, this little lavender plant.  I have two, and one is doing pretty well, but this one seemed like it wasn’t going to make it.  I’ve been giving it extra water and in just the last couple of days it’s really started to burst forth with some new growth.  Yay!  It’s still about one third the size of the other lavender plant, but with a little TLC, I’m hopeful it will survive the Winter. 


The other bright spot is my daisy has re-bloomed!  After it bloomed when I first got it, and then I deadheaded the spent blossoms, I figured that was it for the season, but last week I noticed there was a big knot of buds just waiting to bloom.  And bloom they are!  With more to come!


I think daisies are one of the happiest flowers.  Seriously, who couldn’t smile if they received a big bouquet of them?  Just look!  See?  You’re smiling!  Open-mouthed smile


So how’s your garden growing this week? 

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2 thoughts on “Nature Monday

  1. Yay, happy daisies! 🙂 This time of the summer always seems to be more of a struggle for plants. The ones preferred by caterpillars get thoroughly munched, and the weather is never *quite* right. Your plants are lucky that they don’t have to fend entirely for themselves against the elements. They have a great plant-mom helping them out. 😉


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