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Nature Monday

So far, still so good in the garden.  We’re nearing the end of July and things tend to look pretty tired around then, but I think we’re holding steady. 


We had tons of rain this past week.  And there is supposed to be more on the way today!  I read there were tornados somewhere in IL, and we had several inches over the weekend.  I mean downpour!  Tons of thunder and lightning, all that fun stuff.  My neighbors came home about then, and the kids and I were standing on the little porch area watching the storm, and when the neighbors commented on how huge the storm was, I said, “Yes, isn’t it wonderful?!”  They looked at me like I was crazy. 

I was so happy to see that my Potato Vine is flowering!  Pretty, pink, morning glory looking things, with several more buds behind it.  I can’t wait!  Which reminds me, my daisy is going to re-bloom too.  There were several buds working their way to bloom, yay!


I suppose the Marigolds rank as my favorite pot this week, despite my distaste for most things orange.  It’s so lush and full, almost defying the weather.  It’s like it’s shouting, “Bring it on, Heat!”  Have to admire determination like that.  Smile


The Snapdragons though … I just love them.  Who can resist their colorful, snappy goodness? 




And how is your garden growing this week?

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6 thoughts on “Nature Monday

  1. You know, sometimes this is the only look at the garden I get. LOL!

    Everything still looks fantastic, Love! Great work. The picture of the Spud Vine flower didn’t turn out too well, though; would like to see a less washed out version soon. 😉



  2. I love a good storm! My only regret about my current home is that I don’t have a good view of the sky for thunderstorms. I will, however, stand right against the door to see as much as I can. 🙂


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