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Closing In

LOVE that my writerly husband is writing again. Here he explains what’s been happening for him. 🙂

J. Dane Tyler

Some of you know – because you follow my personal blog – that I’ve started a new book as of April 17, 2015.

What those only following this blog won’t know, is I’ve done it using a new (to me) method of writing which was aptly described by author Dean Wesley Smith as “Writing into the Dark.”

Mr. Smith blogged about the process over the course of six or seven weeks, and I must say, I followed with great interest. I’d been migrating through a lot of different “techniques” and “methods” for writing, most of which focused on planning.

I discovered outlining and planning according to a four-part story structure map back in 2009. I’ve blogged extensively about it. Raved about it. Ranted about it. Made mockery of any writer unwilling to try it. And then I stopped being able to write because of it.

It’s a long story, but…

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