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Nature Monday

Time for my weekly garden post!  I know you were waiting with much anticipation!  Winking smile  I had a bit of a hiccup this week.  We had some rain over the weekend, Friday night or Saturday morning, I can’t recall.  I didn’t water, thinking we’d had lots of rain, so everything would be all right.  But when I went out Sunday evening, oh my goodness, my poor plants were screaming in distress!  I felt like the worst gardener ever.  They were droopy and wilted, some were turning awful shades of yellow, it was terrible!  So I spent most of the evening after dinner deadheading and watering.  Then, of course, it poured Sunday night and Monday morning.  At least the plants have had a good drenching now that should carry them for a couple days. 

Fortunately, things still look pretty decent, if not as full.

I couldn’t decide on a favorite again this week.  I was struck by this pot – all Dianthus, in varying colors.  It’s very lush still, and I love the combination of the pinks with the white. 

Then there’s this pot.  I love this pot.  I know I picked it once before, but it continues to shine and only gets better with time.  The Sweet Alyssum is just exploding with tons of little white flowers that are sooooo fragrant.  I wish I could make this a scratch-n-sniff picture, you’d be in flowery heaven.  The Dusty Miller is starting to show it’s silvery leaves now, the Dianthus are giving a nice focal point, and the purple Potato Vine is starting to bush out and will soon start to cascade over the edges of the pot. 

All in all, things are still looking pretty nice, despite my unintentional mini-drought that I inflicted on the garden, so I am glad.  It’s a reminder to me that even when it rains, still check the plants!  Sometimes the rain isn’t enough.

So how’s your garden or other hobby going this week?

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