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Nature Monday

Another stormy Monday!  The rain came down most of the morning and things were pretty soggy when I was finally able to get out to take pictures late in the afternoon.  Things are still growing pretty well, but I have had to do some serious dead-heading this past week, as the first blooms have died off.  Overall though, I think my flowers are pretty satisfied.  The marigolds are really busting out this week, and the celosia are still alive, yay!  The last couple of years my celosia plants seemed to really suffer and died off pretty early in the season.  I’m trying a different strategy this year and so for, so good.  Whew!  The daylilies have started blooming – the first one bloomed this weekend!  What a gift that was for my birthday! 



Probably my favorite pot this week is this one, one of my hanging baskets.  The Sweet Alyssum is becoming quite lush and fragrant, the dianthus are bursting with those glorious pink colors, the Vinca vine is really starting to trail and the Dusty Miller is even starting to stand tall.  It just looks … like a smile, like it’s reaching out to shake hands and say hello.  Smile 


How’s your garden growing this week?

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