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The Nail Polish Test


Well, you know, as silly as I am about my nail polish, you know I just had to do the nail polish quiz! 

Ha, it says, “You always have a piece of advice or wisdom to share.”  What that translates to is, “Shut up already, Miss Thinks-She-Knows-Everything!”  Winking smile

You Are a Risk Taker
You are driven toward success, and you don’t mind if that means taking a few gambles along the way.
You value your time, and you treat it like it’s precious. You like to stay busy.

You are innovative and good at getting results. You are the first to jump in and try something new.
You provide direction and leadership for others. You always have a piece of advice or wisdom to share.


Plus, because I forgot to post a quiz last week … Here’s another one!

The Homebody Test

Because I am such the homebody.   Smile

Your Home is Happy
You believe it’s important to maintain a positive outlook at any cost, and your home reflects your optimistic take on the world.
You’re likely to have a welcoming decor, and furniture that makes guests feel at home.

You take pride in your home. You keep it uniquely you, and you feel happier the minute you step in the door.
You could never feel at home in a dark or unhappy house. You like to open up the windows and let the light in!


And, look at that!  I’m 34!  Again.  Oh you hush! 

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