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For most people, seeing a helicopter is probably pretty mundane.  And for us, it should be, too.  We see one go by on a pretty regular basis.  The power company sends one around every few weeks to check the lines which run behind our complex here.  This last time though, something different happened.


I noticed the helicopter veer over toward the road, and not continue on down the lines like it usually does.  I also noticed there was a man hanging onto the side!  It disappeared behind some trees, came up a few minutes later, then went back down again.  I told the kids, “Let’s go see what’s happening!”  My son says he didn’t know I was going to go check it out, but my daughter came with me. 



As impossible as it seemed, there stood the helicopter, on the ground! 


My daughter and I watched for quite some time – maybe half an hour or so.  There were several equipment trucks nearby so I figured there were going to be some repairs happening in the near future.  Eventually, the helicopter took off, with a guy riding on the running bar again!  Brave soul.  You’d never get me on a helicopter like that, no matter how many straps there were.


Sure enough, the crew was back bright and early the next morning.  My son made sure to go out to see it that time!  He got much closer than I did, and got some pictures of his own.  The helicopter spent several hours going back and forth with men and equipment to do whatever work they needed to do on the power tower.  If you look close, you can see one of the guys working on the tower.  It almost looks like he’s standing on the slope of the roof there, but he’s not.  The best part was the end, when the helicopter came to pick up the crew.  There were 3 men, and apparently only room for 2, so the last guy waited on the very tip-top of the tower.  He sat there, cool as a cucumber, on that little point.  Probably a hundred feet off the ground, and he clearly wasn’t batting an eye.  He didn’t need to, I guess, since I was sweating bullets for him. 


Clearly day-to-day business for them, but nothing in the least mundane about it for us!  It isn’t every day you get a helicopter landing practically in your back yard. 

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