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Nature Monday

I went out to take my weekly garden pictures, and there was a little bird in a nearby tree making a lot of noise.  I looked to see if I could see him, and something about the view just struck me.  Something about the shade of blue, the contrast with the leaves of the tree behind the one that hasn’t leafed out yet, the combination of all those things, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but you know how sometimes you just get filled with that sense of, “My gosh, this is just perfect!”?  It’s a gorgeous day here, a rarity for sure!  The sky is clear, because the humidity is low, the temperatures are hovering in this range that is refreshing and crisp if you’re not wearing a sweater, but too hot if you are.  All my weather apps are saying we’re in the low 50s today.  There is this amazing sense of peace, somehow.


Things are still growing pretty well!  The daisies are taking a break though.  I had to dead-head them so it’ll be a few days before they have blooms again.  But the daylilies are coming along!  Their buds keep swelling so it shouldn’t be too long now.


This is one of my 2 favorites this week.  The colors!  And no, no color re-touching here!  I’m not that skilled with photo apps.  That’s how intense the colors really are.


The is my other #1 contender for the week.  I love how I can smell the sweet alyssum now when I walk out the door.  And that purple potato vine in the back is starting to take off now and should start trailing really nice.  I love that!


How’s your garden, or other hobby, coming along?  Are you pleased with the progress you’ve made?

Happy June 1st!

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9 thoughts on “Nature Monday

  1. You’re filling up! Gardening and soaping, photography and tech school now – wow! I’m tired just typing all that. I hope you’re doing “me” things now, Love. You’ve been about us for so long, it’s about time. More than time.

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  2. Beautiful pictures! I got a Monica tomato plant along with my CSA. I’ve replanted it (because we live in an apartment- no yard) and have my fingers crossed I don’t kill it. Any tips?


    1. Thank you, sweetie! Congrats on your new plant! I had to look it up because I wasn’t familiar with that variety. It’s been a loooong time since I grew tomatoes, unfortunately. Last time I did, I had a yard, and we put fish guts in the bottom of the holes, topped with some good compost, and then the rest of the soil and the tomato plants. Best tomatoes I’ve ever had, actually. Something about the fish providing a nutrient that the tomato loves, but I can’t recall exactly what it is.

      I found a link that might be helpful to you: Hopefully that will give you more help than I can – I’d just tell you to water every other day and make sure it gets lots of sun, lol. Can’t wait to see pics of it on your blog! 🙂


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