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The Hummingbird Test

Bahahaha!  Wise?  Me?  Wiseass maybe!  LOL  I am so not wise, not at all!

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You Are Wise

Introspective and reflective, you think about everything and anything. Your mind never rests.

You are a soft-hearted daydreamer. You long for your ideal life.

You take care of yourself and those around you. You don’t stretch yourself too thinly.

You don’t accept apologies easily. Actions mean much more to you than words do.


6 thoughts on “The Hummingbird Test

  1. I’m ambitious! “You are dominant and powerful. You always need to be in charge, and it’s difficult for you to let go of control.When you fall for someone, you fall hard. You are a true romantic and idealist. You are goal oriented, both for work and personal self-improvements. You like having benchmarks. You know what you want, and you’re not quick to change your mind. You have strong opinions that are set in stone.” And I just thought I liked blue 😉


    1. Blue! *snort* Who knew blue could have so much punch packed in it? LOL 😀 Seriously, I would describe you as a go-getter. As in, you set goals for yourself and then work to make them happen. But, I don’t think I’d describe you as dominant and powerful. That would be Thor, lol. 😀

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