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Nature Wednesday

Stuff is still growing!  The flowers are really starting to shine now, in week 5 I think, since I planted everything.  I notice, also, that whenever people walk by, they look.  One lady even commented when I was out watering the other evening, as she was walking her dog. 

Speaking of dogs, the 2 worst offenders have moved.  The upstairs neighbors with the awful howling dog [and child, and mother, and grandmother] moved last summer, and the guy around back moved a couple months ago.  He’d let his dog go right under our bedroom window on the side of the building, and he never picked it up.  I called management a few times, my husband called a few times, and it felt like not much was done.  [I even took pictures once – it was weird, it had snowed and you could see all the piles of dog stuff, and footprints.  Why were there footprints by our window if he wasn’t picking up after his dog?]  He never used a leash, either.  I couldn’t let the kids play in the little grassy area near our patio because the “leavings” were so bad, and I couldn’t open our side window either.  Now he and his dog are gone, the grass doesn’t have any more brown patches, or uh, piles, and I can even smell the sweet alyssum flowers when I water.  As near as I can tell, the other dog owners around here seem to be courteous and respectful and pick up after their pets.  Life is good, lol.  

Anyway,  the grass is finally greener on my side of the lawn.  Open-mouthed smile 


I think the pansies get my vote for favorite this week – they’re like a big pot of sunshine.  Smile


But then, surely the snapdragons are a close second – so colorful!  It’s like a pot of …rainbow.  Smile


And, I couldn’t help myself – I just had to take some pictures of my little garden lights at night.  Whee!  Open-mouthed smile


How’s your garden growing this week?

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