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Witty Jewish Short Jokes

From the newsletter I received this week:

I have to admit, I love Jewish humor. Two of my favorite comedians are Jackie Mason and Bob Alper, both are Rabbis. So, I thought this week I would share some Witty Jewish Short Jokes from Funny Jewish Jokes:

– How do Jewish wives get their children ready for supper? They put them in the car.

– Did you hear about the thieves that broke into the synagogue offices? They got away with over 2 thousand dollars in pledges.

– Seen in the University of Texas student newspaper: Sweet, little old Jewish lady wishes to correspond with UT undergraduate.  Prefers six-foot male with brown eyes answering to initials: J.D.B.
Signed, His Mother.

-Jewish Telegram: Begin worrying. Details to follow.

– The President of the congregation went to visit the Rabbi in the hospital, who had just suffered a mild heart-attack. He says, ‘Rabbi, the board just voted 12 to 8 to wish you a speedy recovery.’

– Why do Jewish Mothers make great parole officers? They never let anyone finish a sentence.


LOLOL  I think the telegram is my favorite!  Open-mouthed smile

Have a great, worry-free! – Memorial Day weekend!

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