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Nature Monday

So, why was Mary so contrary if her garden was growing?  I never did understand that one.  It must have been one of those little poems that had nothing to do with what it seemed, but was a secret code for something else.

Okay, now I’m kind of sorry I asked!  The Real Meaning of Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Anyway, here’s the garden this week, as of this morning.  I’m so happy with it!  Seems everything has flowers, and even the daylilies have buds on them now.  Things are starting to look settled and established.  Even the grass is looking nice and bright, what with all the rain we’ve had recently.


Look at how the sweet alyssum is blooming!  It has the most wonderful fragrance.  I wish someone made an air freshener fragrance out of that stuff.


I think this one is my favorite this week – just look at those colors pop!  I love the brightness of it, the bold yellow and pink combined make me happy.


Almost forgot to mention, the little critter who was digging around last week seems to have given up after my attempts to thwart him.  I did some research and found that chipmunks don’t like hair, or hot sauce.  So I ordered hot sauce but before it got here, I cleaned my hairbrush and put the hair in the pot and then covered it with a little dirt.  He tried to dig once after that, but not since then.  Now I have this huge bottle of hot sauce!  LOL  At least I have it on hand in case he comes back.  😀  Maybe I can use it as a bug spray.

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How’s your garden growing this week?

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4 thoughts on “Nature Monday

    1. Thanks, Babe!

      Actually, there are fewer plants than last year. Good eye, Love! I’m hoping to give them more room to breathe so they’re healthier and have some space to spread out. Come July, they should be full, and not crowded. 🙂


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  1. Wow, your garden is super-pretty.

    My indoor plants are happily bursting out of their pots as usual. The African violet is totally out of control. It’s planning to take over the world, I think. My outdoor yard (technically part of the common property of the complex) isn’t doing much, because it’s covered in plastic tarps and concrete dust. There has been some work in progress for the past two weeks that involves grinding the concrete stairs of the upper townhomes. It’s noisy during the daytime, and our front door is sealed off with plastic so we can’t use it for now. We could theoretically open our windows, but until all the dust gets washed off it sifts in the windows even on a day that seems to be windless. 😛 It was supposed to be done for this weekend, but it looks like we have a third week of it to get through before it’s all cleaned up. Oh well.

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    1. Thanks, Spark!

      Goodness, all that grinding and dust sounds … ugh! I’d keep my windows closed all the time too. But at least you have some indoor greenery to enjoy! That African Violet sounds awesome – I remember the pics you posted – it must be really big now. 🙂


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