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Let The Hunt Begin!

I knew there was something I wanted to blog about and for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was until I was porting pics over from my phone to my computer.  Then it hit me.  Easter egg hunting! 

Have you ever forgotten where you hid the eggs?  There were a couple of times that happened to me.  Fortunately, I found them a little bit later, but I could imagine if I hadn’t.  That would have been nasty!  Eww! 

I don’t know when it occurred to me to do this, probably after we got our first smartphones that could take pictures.  I remember my husband asking me, “How will we remember where we hid them?”  So I started snapping a picture for every egg we placed, and now we do that every year. 

I like to make some super hard to find, and others ridiculously easy.  I think I did pretty well this year – my daughter took half an hour to find them all and she’s got the best eyes in the house now.  Smile  Of course, she found the really easy one first.


The one by her toothbrush took a little longer, lol. 


A real stumper was the one I hid amongst the sweetener packets.  I had to try so hard not to laugh because she was right next to it, putting her first round of eggs back into the egg carton, and she never even noticed it!


The hardest one was the one in the Blessing Jar.  It blended right in with the colorful paper and she never saw it, until we gave her a big clue. 


I think I have as much fun with the Easter egg hunts as the kids to, maybe more.  My son decided last year that he’s too old now, so he helps me hide them for his sister to find. 

Is Easter egg hunting part of your family tradition? 

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5 thoughts on “Let The Hunt Begin!

  1. I wish we had a yard she could hunt in. It’d be more fun for her, and maybe for us too! New places to hide them, but year to year, they almost forget, I think.

    Maybe they just make us believe they can’t find them so we don’t feel bad. LOL


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      1. Yes! Celebrating for 50 days is lovely in so many ways. On a practical note, it does give us extra time to fit in our favorite Easter activities. Sort of takes the pressure off of Easter Sunday. Shavuot; glad to know ❤

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