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Daughter: Mom, what’s the longest word you know?

Mom: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Daughter: Huh?

Mom:  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  It was a song … from a Disney movie …

Daughter:  How do you spell it?

Mom:  Like it sounds.  (You hush, dear Reader!  It’s a long freaking word and I don’t have it memorized!)

So, now that the song is stuck in MY head, I figured I’d share the love so it can be stuck in YOUR head, too.  You’re welcome.  Winking smile

All rights reserved by Vanessence

PS. Daughter made a horrified face after seeing the video.

9 thoughts on “Conversations

      1. Hey sweet friend, I tried my first banner download and I must have goofed. It appears magnified and blurred. I’ll get back to it and try again (I think I need to crop or something) but wanted you to know that I’m on it!


        1. Oh no sweetie! Okay – you’re using the ones with your name in the filename, right? Those were specifically header banners. The others were possibles for simple page backgrounds. I’ll double check the dimensions, to make sure I didn’t mess that up. The dimensions are 1920 x 140, right?

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        2. PS! I should probably say that some of the banner images I made were macro pictures – super close-up shots – so that they would have color and texture and give an impression of something, like a flower, without overwhelming the title text of your blog. That may be why some of them seem blurry? Some that I made where I used tiny images I was concerned that they might be “lost” or look too busy since they were so small.

          I’m here if you have any questions or ideas! ❤

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          1. Thanks! I’m so tempted to go at it now but I’m just terrible when I’m…done. I tend to be done on Thursdays sooner than the clock says I’m done 😀 See you in the morning. Sweet dreams M3


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