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hAPPy Monday

So, it’s the Monday after vacation.  Back to the groove, getting up early, doing the school thing.  The kids seem to be settling back in, and mom does too, for all intents and purposes.  Smile 

I’ve been playing around a bit with InoReader today.  As sad as I was to see Google Reader go, the more I use InoReader, the more I like it.  I recently learned that, in addition to all the sharing features it has, you can also customize where you share to.  For instance, Facebook and Twitter are standard sharing options, but WordPress is not.  Today I was able to add a WordPress sharing button to my InoReader so that I can just click a button to share something I come across in my reader straight to my blog.  And it’s easy-peasy mac and cheezy!  They even give you the url format right there in the menu, all you have to do is change the default “you” in the url to your own blog name.  (The part that comes before the dot wordpress.)  It opens the Press This window and from there, it’s just a click away to get the article to your blog.  See it, share it! 

I’ve also done a bit of a change-up on my blog.  I switched to a theme that has post options.  My thought was, if I can use a post format like the “aside” one, then, with all the connections between my blog and social sites, I can post one time on my blog, and it will show up like a post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and, whew!, it does!  How cool is that?  I also want to play more with some of the other post options that I’m not familiar with, to see what they do and how they do it.

Of course, if I subscribe to my own blog in InoReader, I could also share my blog posts out to social media that way, too.  Options, you know, good things.  Open-mouthed smile

How was your Easter — Resurrection Sunday — Feast of First Fruits?  Ours was awesome – tons of food and lots of play and relaxing.  Lots of remembering why we cherish that day.  Smile

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22 thoughts on “hAPPy Monday

  1. You are the woman, Ness! Happy Easter and I look forward to hopping (get it, bunny hopping) onto blog apps connecting and growing our social media. I’m off to the D-back opener so I need to scoot! Later ❤


      1. I may just take you up on that, Ness! Thanks so much. As you can see, I literally did nothing to the header or background. What would you suggest in the way of color? Texture? See, I’m already thinking of dreaded details, details, details 😀


        1. I see you have your favorite blue up there in that nice turquoise-y shade – perhaps some textures or images in some nice yellows or peaches? Even some shades in green would be a nice touch.

          If you know your header dimensions, I can put something together, if you’d like. If not, that’s cool too. Some people like to do everything themselves, others like to delegate. Just let me know. 🙂

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  2. The new theme is cool, but the text is TEENY for me. 😦

    Still, it’s nice InoReader’s doing stuff you liked about GR and more! Very slick! Maybe it’s time to drop Feedly altogether. 😦 (I like it’s look better.)

    Good stuff, Babe!


    1. Thanks, Love.

      Yes, the font is on the tiny side, and there’s nothing I can do about it, either, believe me, I tried! The only option I have, aside from the ctrl+ one, is to invest in the CSS upgrade that WP offers. Not sure I’m willing to do that.


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