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Have you heard of NaJoWriMo ?

The purpose of NaJoWriMo is encourage you and others to develop a journal writing habit for the purposes of personal growth, documentation of life experiences, and achieving goals.

via NaJoWriMo Levels | National Journal Writing Month.

One of the people on the Springpad forum that I am a member of, shared this link today.  Now, I am quite familiar with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which occurs every November.  Being married to a writer and having writerly friends clued me in to that one.

But I never heard of NaJoWriMo until today.  It looks intriguing.  It’s very visual.  You can have separate journals for whatever topic you want, or not.  You can share them or keep them private.  You can add photos, links, videos, audio clips, etc.

Create, Manage and Share your Online Journals |

I haven’t kept up with journaling like I’ve wanted, for a long time now, too long.  Maybe this will be the motivation I’ve needed to get back in that saddle.

Do you keep a journal?

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2 thoughts on “Have you heard of NaJoWriMo ?

  1. I have also never heard of NaJoWriMo. I used to keep journals, but I don’t anymore. I can ruminate about my day in the shower or while washing dishes. I don’t feel that I need to record these thoughts, just try to get wiser from them and use the wisdom as I go along.


    1. I kept journals until I was 18, then I burned them all on my 18th birthday in a … fit? of declared adult glory, no longer wanting to keep silly childhood memories around, lol. There are times though I wish I hadn’t done that. They’d have been interesting time capsules.

      I think the desire stems now from wanting to leave something around of me for my kids (and future grandkids) to have. 🙂


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