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Music Monday

Okay!  So I have done the first thing you’re supposed to do when you’re on vacation – sleep in!  Open-mouthed smile  I am so looking forward to the next 4 weeks – weather getting nicer, kids off school, a chance to maybe tackle the proverbial “Spring cleaning.” 

Lately I have been trying to “reintegrate” my online self, for lack of a better term.  Some time ago, prior to the 2008 elections – remember how divisive that was? – I decided to compartmentalize my thoughts.  I was afraid of offending readers who didn’t share my religious or political views.  So I set up faith and political blogs.  Then, when Google Reader shut down and my husband decided to stop using the DarcKnyt name for his blog, well that meant I should probably hang up the DarcsFalcon moniker, too.  I mean, how could I be Darc’s Falcon if there wasn’t a Darc?  So I set up my Vanessence name, and thought, well, since I already have faith and political blogs, how else can I define myself?  Enter all the other blogs.  I’m sure I got carried away but it’s fun and I kind of liked it but it has been kind of overwhelming to keep up with them all and all their attendant Readers and FaceBook names Twitter accounts and everything else.  I haven’t been very good at it, at all.  The last few months, I’ve kind of felt like I wanted to be me, all of me, in one place, for goodness sake, and not scattered to the high online winds.  If I’m going to post something that might be offensive – like a political post – then I guess I’ll just use a disclaimer at the top of the post.  And I can make a text template for that.  Open-mouthed smile  Thank you Windows Live Writer

All that being said, it’s Music Monday!  As a bit of background, for Christmas we got our son the Mass Effect Trilogy video game, and my husband really got into it, too, which meant that I sort of did as well, as an observer.  We tend to do that as a family – we obsess over things for a bit, learn as much as we can about it, and then move on to the next thing.  So, lately it’s been Mass Effect.  We all have our favorite characters and dialog and ‘missions’ and so forth.  I’ve watched my son’s and husband’s gaming skills go through the roof and they’ve had a chance to really share some good father/son time over it, too.  One of the things we all seems to like is the opening music for the 3rd leg of the trilogy.  The score for the whole game is cool but the title sequence for the 3rd installment is particularly stirring for us.  There is a haunting quality to it, as well as a hopeful undertone that some may or may not agree belongs to that leg. 

I hope you enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Music Monday

  1. HuzzAH for sleeping in! W00t! Victory! Thanks for being dedicated to helping me get out the door, too. Yes, I could get out on my own, sans coffee, and go back to not having any M-F, but it’s been nice to have it. Thank you.

    I’m gettin’ itchy to do one more run through ME3, just to use those kewl knew weapons I got for the game, and to have the DLC integrate to the game itself. But I dunno. I need to quit. It’s as bad as smoking, for pity’s sake.



    1. Always glad to help you, Love, and glad that my help has some kind of impact, even if it’s small. 🙂

      Heh, another run-through, a few times, methinks. Yes, it’s like smoking, and you are going to have some baaaaad withdrawals if you try to go cold turkey! LOL

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  2. Ness, does this mean you’ll be consolidating all your posts here? And…what do you love about Window Live Writer? Does Apple have something similar? Hmmm…I’m spring cleaning at my blog too and really, really, really want to streamline.

    Thanks for sharing the lush music find!


    1. Glad you liked the music, Angie! 🙂

      Consolidation is the goal, it remains how close I can get to it! I have no plans to pull in posts to here from my other blogs, but going forward, I will probably post double – here and to the blog that particular post belongs. That way the related subjects will still be all together.

      As for Windows Live Writer, goodness, I think I made just about everyone I knew sick and tired of hearing about it, lol. I wrote several posts about it over on my old blog, but one I found kind of summed up most of the things I like about it, if you are interested in reading, here’s the link: . Some of the info is outdated now, like Blogger not having “future posts” (they do now) but my reasons for loving WLW remain pretty steady. I was sad to learn several months ago though that they have discontinued the plug-ins you could get for it. I still have the ones I downloaded, but I suspect that WLW won’t make it to future versions of Windows so I’m bracing myself. Bracing myself to weep copious amounts of tears if I end up losing it, lol.

      I did find a site that had some info about getting WLW to work on a Mac, but man it seemed like a LOT of hoops to jump through, involving “virtual machines” and whatnot, and it’s probably not worth the time you’d have to put into doing something like that. There are some Mac oriented desktop blogging programs, some pay and at least 1 free. Here are a couple links for you with info to check out:

      If those don’t help you, you can try running a search for Mac desktop blogging software and maybe you’ll get better results from a Mac machine. 🙂 Let me know! ❤

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      1. I’m opening your links and mailing them to myself to check out this weekend. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Ness! Above and beyond! I’ll keep you posted (get it? keep you *posted* haha).

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  3. It seems reasonable to have one blog for all of your posts, and a caveat at the top is a good way to handle any possible offence. Handling ideological differences among friends is a challenge, but I do think it’s good for us all to be exposed to a variety of points of view.


    1. I agree, Spark. 🙂 Different PsOV can be an enriching thing sometimes. At least in terms of lending understanding to a person. Agreement isn’t always necessary. 🙂 I have learned that there are lots of viewpoints I understand, but few I agree with. Some, I don’t understand at all, lol. *hugs*


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