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Frou Frau

Okay!  I confess!  I admit it!

I am half Frou Frou

*sigh*  Now you know.

All my nails have been breaking, and while I try to be nonchalant about it on the outside, on the inside I’m screaming, “Don’t look at me!  I’m a freak!”  I like my nails like I like my hair: Really. Long.  And when they’re short and unpolished I feel naked.  Of course, I don’t like to polish them when they’re short because then people notice how short they are.  Yes, I know.  I am totally aware of how much I seem to contradict myself. 

I adore girly things like pink, and ruffles, and lace.  And one could make a case that I still play with dolls too, because really, aren’t The Sims just the e-version of Barbies?  I suppose part of me panders to my 8 year old self.  I’m okay with it.  Besides, it’s not like I make my husband sleep in a canopy bed!

Do they make canopy bed coffins?  If they do, I want one.  That may be my only chance to ever have a canopy bed, lol. 

Silliness aside, I figured out just why all my nails broke, practically down to the quick, all in the same 1-2 week period.  Knowing that nails grow at a rate of 1/8 – 1/10 of an inch per month, I counted back to about mid-late August.  (The length of the pink part of my nails)  So what happened in mid-late August?  Oh yes, the Salmonella episode.  Those 10 days when I was sick as a dog and was rather hoping I would die, and could barely keep anything down.  And apparently it was the gift that keeps on giving if my nails are any indication.  I certainly never expected that particular result, that’s for sure. 

Now that they’ve all broken off, I guess I can look forward to them all growing back in healthy again, and I can get back to my regularly scheduled crazy paint jobs.  Smile

So that’s my Public Service Announcement – don’t eat anything unless you know the one who prepared your food washed their hands first.  With soap. 

And that was my Hausfrau side talking.  Winking smile

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6 thoughts on “Frou Frau

  1. Hey, good bit of deduction there! Nice investigative work.

    On a more personal note, I’m glad you didn’t perish in the salmonella episode. That would have been decidedly inconvenient. 😉

    And, there will be no canopy coffins. You’ll be in a lidded ashtray if I’m still alive to have say in it. Muuahahahaha!

    LTY, Babe. FYIEW.


  2. How could it be that you’ve never posted a photo of your manicure? I would love to see your fancy nails. (Mine are always short and unpolished because I don’t have the patience to adorn them, but I enjoy other people’s well-groomed hands.)


    1. Aww, you’re sweet to say that, Spark. I’ve always loved looking at other people’s too, but when I post pictures of my own, I feel … weird. Like, I’m being more vain than usual or something. I know I’m odd!


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