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hAPPy Monday!

I caught this news article over the weekend and it seemed important enough to pass along.  I had no idea – well, I knew about the FLIR, but not as a phone add-on, and certainly I didn’t realize how it could be used to steal PIN codes. 

So, while apps generally add nice, useful, and / or fun things to our lives, in this case one can* be used in a bad way.  As with most things, it’s not likely anyone else can / will protect us, so we have to protect ourselves. 

Be sure to click the link below and watch the video!  It’s really helpful and informative – and bonus, it’s not very long.  Open-mouthed smile

Have a great – and safe! – beginning to your week!

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Getting your wallet stolen is stressful and scary enough, but did you know that there is now a way for would-be thieves to steal your ATM information without even laying hands on your card?
Scam Alert! How to Keep Your ATM Code Safe from a New Threat | TipHero.

PS – can* = the app can be used in a negative way, not that the app itself is bad.  FLIR makes a good product and the app can be a useful tool when used as intended.

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