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Son:  I know how to turn Dad into the Incredible Hulk.

Mom:  How?

Son:  Step. Foot.

Mom:  *laughing*  Yeah, that’s one of his grammatical peeves.

Daughter:  Yeah, because you can’t ‘step hand’ or anything else, you can ONLY step with your feet, so why do people basically say it twice?

Son:  Or when he sees Whoa spelled ‘w o a h’, like Noah, or voilá spelled like walla.

Daughter:  EXpecially!  He hates that!  And ‘all of the sudden’.

Mom: Daddy clearly has had an impact on you guys!

At the very least, I think it’s safe to say my kids are inheriting their father’s grammar gene.  Winking smile

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4 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. Grammar Stars: The Next Generation!

    While I’m certainly not a grammar king, I do have my peeves. Here’s hoping their abilities far surpass mine! 🙂

    LTY, and Kisses to them!


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