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So, it’s once again the first Monday of the first month of the new year.  It’s back to our normal day-to-day routine.  Dane has had a wonderful 2 weeks off of work, and the kids and I have had a month off of school.  Today I begin again, this time with 5th and 8th graders.  It seems like just the other day I was starting the Kindergarten program with my son, and this time next year he’ll be in high school.  See what happens when you blink?

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Clipped from My Nu Yearz resolushun – Cheezburger

I tend to stay away from New Year’s resolutions.  Personally, it’s like setting myself up for failure because I know how I am.  I know that come around March or April I will have failed miserably and let myself and everyone around me down.  And really, whose resolutions don’t change?  Aren’t they pretty much always the same?  Eat better, exercise more, lose weight, etc.?  Which only means we failed the year before.  So, for me, the “self-improvement” kind of stuff is off-limits for the New Year Resolution list. 

Except one.

Back in 2009, while I was having one of those late-night prayer talks with the Lord, I felt Him say to me, “Have you thought about quitting smoking?”

My heart sank because I knew what that meant and I knew I didn’t want to do it so I said what any dedicated addict would say.

“No.  No, I haven’t.  I haven’t thought about that at all.”

“Maybe you should think about it now,” He suggested gently.

Aw man!  Inwardly I sighed.  Heavily.  “Can You give me six months, until the New Year’s thing?  First Monday?” I asked.

“I can do that,” He responded, “And I will help you.”

He was as good as His Word and He did indeed help me quit.  I didn’t talk much about it at the time because I was still thinking I ought to play the spiritual card close to the vest, at least publically if not in private.  I can only say, and Dane can attest, that quitting smoking that last time – he said I almost made it look easy.  I know it was not out of my own efforts but the Grace I was given.  The Lord did indeed help me, because I could not have done it myself, never was able to do it myself, but this time, I did.  And today is the 5 year anniversary, so I had to make a note of it.  

Five. Whole. Years. 

It’s still kind of hard for me to believe, but there it is.  Smile  This is the longest smoke-free period I have ever had in my life, not counting the years before I started.

The post from my old blog –>> I Quit | The “Ness” in DarcNess 😉

For 2015, I’d really like to finally make my own soap, and re-learn to crochet.  Not as important, but probably more fun.  Winking smile 

I really want to make a “spoken word” video of one of my poems.

Also, I aim to do better at the blogging thing and keeping in touch.  I know you’re all dying to hear from me.  Okay, stop laughing now!  Smile

And for you?  Do you do the Resolution thing?  If you do, what are some of yours?

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4 thoughts on “Resolved

  1. Hey, good for you for quitting and staying quit! I had two friends who smoked and always talk about quitting… and now I have three. 😦 My co-worker who quit when she got pregnant with her first child took it up again 11 years later. Too bad.

    I don’t do New Year resolutions. If I want to make a change at any point, I just start right away.


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