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The Blessing Jar

I’m not sure where I first saw it.  Probably Pinterest.  Then my husband saw it on Facebook.  The cool thing was we both had the same idea.  Let’s do this!

It’s called a Blessing Jar. 

Throughout the year, you write down a single blessing on a scrap of paper when it happens to you.  It can be any kind of scrap, something you have lying around, or something you’ve gotten specifically for the jar.  Only write one blessing per piece, though. 

We got a jar just for blessings, but you can use anything you have. 

The point is not the jar or the paper or the pen.  The point is the blessings.  Those little things that go well for you, that make you feel loved and looked after, the things that bring you joy.

Write them down and put them in the jar.

2014-01-28 14.29.43

At the end of the year, perhaps at Christmas or New Year’s Eve, take out your blessings and read them.  As time goes by, it’s so easy to forget the little things that made us feel so warm and special.  Writing them down and then reading them all together can have a powerful impact on how we feel about life in general. 

I can tell already it’s going to be a new tradition for us.  I think we’ll save them to a scrapbook or something so we can start with a clean jar for the following year.  I love the thought of writing down the blessings, the good things that happen.  It’s so easy to forget them when difficult things happen, when something “bumps our happy,” or when sorrow comes to visit.  Having them there in front of us, watching the little pile grow throughout the year, can only have a positive impact. 

And that is a beautiful thing.  🙂

Do you think you might try it to?  Let me know if you do! 

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9 thoughts on “The Blessing Jar

  1. I love this idea! Our family does something similar during the Christmas season when we write down kindnesses we do for others on a strip of yellow paper then we add the strips to an empty manger. It’s a way to prepare for Christmas as we prepare for the arrival of baby Jesus.


  2. I was so glad we came to this. It’s such a cool idea and a way to let God voice how wonderful He is to us, and how much care he takes of us, every day. Hope our Blessing Jar doesn’t fill up BEFORE the new year comes! (I did see you bought the extra large one though. Heh. Expect a lot of blessings, do you?)


  3. I love this idea….and I think my daughter would love it also….we always talk about how blessed we are…thanks

    Reminds me of a book….called the Christmas Jar….its about saving a years worth of money and change in a jar and giving to someone needy at the holiday….course theres a story and drama in it but its a very moving and touching story….

    Jars….who knew they could bring joy?


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