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Music Monday


I love music.  You probably do, too.  I would listen to a lot more of it, but it just doesn’t seem to fit into my routine right now.  During the day, I don’t want things like music or radio or TV to distract the kids while we do school.  I don’t use my iPod much because the headphones would make it really hard for me to hear them if they had a question about something.  It also makes me feel really disconnected from my family.  In the evening, my husband is home and that’s our family time.  Plus, he generally hates the music I like, with just a few exceptions, lol.  So I don’t torture him with the stuff I like to listen to. 

One of the few we agree on, though, is Matchbox Twenty.  Actually, it was my husband who turned me on to them when we first met.  I remember him singing their song, “Real World” to me in the car, wooing me with the line, “Please don’t change, please don’t break!  The only thing that seems to work at all is you!  Please don’t change at all for me.”  Resistance was futile.  😀

So many of their songs have struck a definite chord with me over the years.  Somehow, Rob Thomas seems to write lyrics that are just a punch in the gut.  They nail me right were I live sometimes. 

I thought I’d share a couple that I’ve recently found and fallen in love with.  They remind me of me and my beloved

I hope you enjoy!

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▶ Matchbox Twenty – Our Song [Official Lyric Video] – YouTube.



▶ Matchbox Twenty – Overjoyed [Official Music Video] – YouTube.

10 thoughts on “Music Monday

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been robbed of your ability and time to listen to music! I never meant to do that. Let’s see how we can fix it so you can get your fix when you want it. I can certainly be more flexible about it…you would for me, it’s the LEAST I can do for YOU.


    1. That isn’t what I meant, Love! I haven’t been “robbed!” There’s just a time and a place and this isn’t the time. It’s okay you know, I chose that. 🙂 One day when the kids are grown, I’ll still be blasting Aerosmith and Bryan Adams at you, just so you know. 😉 You’ll probably be able to just take out a hearing aid by then, lol. LTY


  2. Aren’t you two cute?! I’m not familiar with Matchbox 20 so thanks for sharing. You know I appreciate sweet lyrics with catchy tunes 🙂 Will share with my 15 year old son, Ian. I know he’ll like the first video with the crafty visuals.


      1. Ian loved the Matchbox 20 Our Song, ! I heard him humming it today while he was studying 🙂 And as long as he doesn’t splatter paint and glitter all over the house, I’m good 😉


          1. Awww! If Ian was a girl his name was going to be Iona 🙂 I was so convinced that I was to have a girl that I didn’t think much about a boy’s name…so…drop the o and mix it up for Ian 🙂


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