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A Few Weeks More: Photo Essay

Check out the pictures my husband took of my little garden!


My wife’s garden is coming along nicely. Just as we hoped, the flowers are starting to fill in the boxes; less dirt, more foliage. It takes time – here in the upper Midwest, it can take a lot of time – but it’s happening, bit by bit.

Some of the bulbs she’s planted (Gladiola and Lilies, mostly) are on the rise now, and we can expect to see them bloom in the next month or so. The idea is to have a long season of different flowers popping up until autumn’s gentle kiss puts them to sleep for the year.

And by “puts them to sleep,” I mean “kills them,” because they’re all annuals. Well, I guess the bulbs aren’t, but everything else is. By design.

The flowers are filling out nicely.

DSC_0569 VintageTry

Well…most of them. The yellow daisies seem to be dying off, but a little deadheading will take…

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