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I Confess

I have a thing about boxes.  I’m worse than a cat when it comes to boxes.  I see a box and it’s hard for me to resist its siren song.  I imagine all the things I could do with that box.  What could I put in it?  Where could I put it?  How can I make it fit?  Can I stack it with another box?   clip_image001

I like to cover them and use them as makeshift drawers.  I have them all over the place. 

In drawers.  In cabinets.  On my desk.  On shelves for the kid’s toys.  In closets for the linens.  In the refrigerator for the leftovers.  clip_image001

It drives my husband insane.  He hates it when there are boxes all over the place.  Once they’re covered and used, he’s okay with it, for the most part.  But in that “collecting” phase, he gets a little annoyed with me.  I don’t blame him. 


Let’s not forget though, that this is the man who doesn’t want me to throw away boxes from things we’ve purchased, so that we can re-pack it in its original box whenever we move.  Mostly for electronics but sometimes other stuff too.  That monitor I got when I bought a computer in 2006?  Still have the box it came in, since I’m still using that monitor.  Oddly enough, those are the kinds of boxes I want to throw away.  Clearly, the husband and I are a bit at cross purposes here!  LOL

See, I like packing boxes.  They’re pretty much a blank slate.  No pictures on the outside to show you what was in it, no packing materials like Styrofoam inside, just plain old empty box.  clip_image001[1]

Yeah, I could buy containers.  But then I’d have to spend money, and I really hate doing that, especially when there’s so many free boxes just sitting around waiting to be used.  Have you seen the prices on containers?  Ridiculous!  Give me plain old cardboard and some Con-Tac paper or fabric and I’m good to go. 

Recently we decided to get a craft table for the kids to have a place to do school, so I had to get rid of a lot of my boxes.  The area turned out really nice!  But, it was really hard to give up so many boxes.  So, it’s an addiction I guess.  At least I got over the mayonnaise jar addiction.  The peanut butter jars, however, stay! 

That’s my confession.  It’s bad enough, although I suppose it could be worse.  I can live with it though.  🙂





Toys all tucked away.


Organized bathroom cabinet.


Sunrise today.  There was actually some blue sky up at the top with some sunlight peeking through. It’s pretty much gone now, but the temps are nice.  Around 60.  Yay!  The kids will be playing outside after school.  🙂


8 thoughts on “I Confess

  1. Well, you have a point about the money, and from someone who just recently broke a keyboard addiction, I can relate.

    But I guess I don’t get why you want to dump the ones with the built-in purpose — to hold the things they hold. Weird.

    Love ya anyway. 😉


    1. Because I can’t re-use them for something else and in the meantime, they just sit there in storage or wherever collecting dust and taking up space.

      Love you anyway, too! 😀


      1. Oh, gotcha, gotcha. Yeah, that’s sort of an issue…until you need the box because there’s not one which will fit the thing you want. Hm.

        I can see your point, but I’m not sure how to handle it. We will move someday (God, please!), but who knows when that’ll be?

        Tough call.


  2. Boxes definitely come in handy. Some of my home organizing is accomplished with the help of cardboard boxes. However, what I’m most prone to collecting is paper clips. I never throw one in the garbage. I probably have paper clips in my little paper clip tin that are almost as old as I am.


    1. Paper clips are a great thing to have! I bet the older ones you have are a lot stronger than the newer ones too.

      I love office supplies in general, and I have a bunch of paper clips too.

      Kindreds, Spark. 😀


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